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23 March1940
Ruth Puccio Posse
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

On the beach and promenade at Ladispoli, a town on the Latium coast, a wealthy lady with a 16 mm camera films her eight-nine year old son, her militant husband and another couple, presumably friends. Tall, thin, elegant, dressed in a fur coat, in a couple of shots we also see Ruth Puccio Posse about whom very little is known. Born in Argentina in 1897, the daughter of a wealthy Italian emigrant, she lived between South America and Italy until she met an army officer, whom she married and with whom she had two children. The first is called Massimo and seems a lively child, at ease in front of the camera. Most of Ruth's films are set around Rome, like this reel shot on a March day by the sea. Her cinematic pastime is a rarity for a woman of the time and perhaps demonstrates the independent nature of a traveller torn between two worlds that the few biographical data suggest. Apparently she only filmed for a few years, right around the turn of the War, and then nothing more. Postcards of the time confirm that Ladispoli was a well frequented and fashionable place, displaying houses and villas in full view, as we glimpse in this film shot on a cool and somewhat windy March day.