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10 March1929
Football Game
Aleardo Felisi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Fans follow the football match in Group B of the National Division, as the championship is called, between Hellas Verona and Reggiana. It is not a fixture, it is a league match played on 10 March 1929 on a suburban field, probably in Borgo Venezia. The first half passed quietly and without images. In the second half things changed: Verona attacked like a fury and the filmmaker Felisi promptly activated his 9.5 mm camera. His team took the lead in the 13th minute. Bernardi scored from a pass by Castiglioni. Immediately afterwards, Brenco doubled the score. On the half-hour Fornaciari shortened the gap for Reggiana, but a quarter of an hour from the end Bucchi restored the distance and the match ended 3-1 to the hosts. Felisi's choice to film only in the second half paid off. It could be that he wanted to concentrate the filming on his side of the pitch, where Verona attacked, or else the reel from the first side did not reach us. It matters little. Felisi succeeds in capturing, albeit somewhat confusedly, his team's attacking actions, the goals and the fans' satisfaction. In the end, what counts more than the filmed chronicle is going home happy, with the memory of having been there. For future memory, like the phrase Mussolini pronounced on the same day inviting the population to vote 'Yes' to the plebiscite: 'The short monosyllable will show the world that Italy is fascist and that Fascism is Italy'.