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08 March1975
Feminist Demonstration
Giovanni Orlandi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Bologna, 8 March 1975. A row of placards and banners with phrases such as 'I had always thought that the belly was mine' and 'We are not dummies, it is we ourselves who must be liked' greet passers-by as the various Bolognese feminist associations and collectives gather in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna to finalise the materials for the demonstration called to mark International Women's Day. Filmmaker Piero Orlandi films the placards and activities, particularly those of the collective in which his girlfriend, Monica, is a member. People stop to read the placards, most of them dedicated to the fight for abortion and women's self-determination regarding their own bodies. 'Free abortion' also reads many of the placards and banners that the feminist activists carry in the procession: we see them parading in large numbers along Via Zamboni and then in the middle of the traffic on Via Irnerio, with banners and flags. 

Law 194, which would also establish access to pregnancy interruption in Italy, was introduced a few years later, on 22 May 1978 (and was later confirmed by the result of a historic referendum held on 17 May 1981). The law became a reality mainly thanks to years of struggle and feminist militancy. An incessant work of information, training, self-education, awareness and protest by thousands of women, which also included moments in the streets like the one we see in this film. A work of care and struggle that changed the lives of millions of people and revolutionised the cultural and political thinking of her time and generations to come.