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26 February1929
Skiing in Milan
Guglielmo Baldassini
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Milan, 26 February 1929, it was snowing, it was cold and the large fountain in the Giardini di Porta Venezia was frozen. Guglielmo Baldassini's 9.5 mm images are always full of affection. On that day - a Tuesday - he films his loved ones, Rina with her little son Luciano, in the beloved place where he had already portrayed them many times and would film them again. Here Luciano, as well as enjoying himself on the icy surfaces under the watchful eye of his mother, appears to be worried by the weight of the snow on the trees bending the branches. With Rina's help, he does his best to relieve the branches by removing the snow. But the surprise is another: there are those who think it's a good idea to show off their skis in the park, in the middle of town! Who knows whether it is a habit or a simple quirk. While the Milanese are busy with the snow and their daily business, some good news arrives from overseas: 'The unity of Libya is accomplished'. This is the title of the article on the front page of the Corriere newspaper that came out on the morning of that day, signed by Roberto Cantalupo, satisfied with the exceptional military operations and the 'high colonial dignity' achieved by the fascist regime. It makes one's chest swell an Empire that joins a frozen park to the Sahara desert.