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14 February1956
The Last Snow
Carlo Fuzzi
"Virus" by Guglielmo Pagnozzi - Album "Gentle Heartquacke" - Setola di Maiale 2022

The winter of 1956 has entered the collective memory. In February, the cold wave hit Europe with record-breaking sub-zero temperatures. The 'big snowfall' whitens cities from north to south Italy, giving the urban landscape an unreal atmosphere. Even in Bologna, it snows copiously and for a long time. The city transfigured by the snow inspires the filmmaker and railway engineer Carlo Fuzzi in those days, particularly on 14 February. With his wife Laura, Carlo shoots L'ultima neve (The Last Snow), a small 8mm masterpiece with poetic and surreal tones that begins and ends at the railway station. A mysterious traveller (a friend of the filmmaker who has improvised as an actor) with a briefcase comes out of the station and under the snow that continues to fall, he ventures into the city, walking alone along its streets and squares, observing the snowploughs and shovelers, stopping curiously under the statue of Garibaldi. When he arrives at the fairground, time and space are now suspended. Everything is now still, rarefied, dreamlike. A dog is the only living being that man comes into contact with. Then suddenly the man goes back to where he came from. The snow will melt sooner or later, but the mystery of the man in the Fuzzi's snowy dream will reach us intact.