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29 December1955
Côte d'Azur
Famiglia Barzizza
“Domani” e “Ada” played by Pippo Barzizza on the piano

The end of the year also arrives on the Côte d'Azur on 29 December 1955, but of course it is always fine weather here and happiness is more likely to arrive. Greetings and good wishes also arrive. So it is for musician Carlo Alberto Rossi and his wife Lyda Sabba, who are expecting Rossella, currently in her mother's belly. She will be born next year. The couple kiss and wave to Pippo Barzizza's camera. In the background the seascape. Then Pippo's group of friends expands in the next shot. There is Tatina, Pippo's wife, there are Bixio Cherubini and his daughter Fiorella and another friend. In front of the war memorial in a village square, one after the other and then together the four men, including Pippo himself wearing sunglasses, perform playful choreographies, almost as if the cippo were a small Egyptian obelisk. So much for the war. Then Tatina blows a kiss for the camera. The music played by Pippo that we have added to this silent extract as accompaniment is followed by a women recorded voice: "Look Pallino, unfortunately now comes the end..." The end of the music, the end of the film, the end of the holiday, the end of the year, the end of what? There is always an end waiting for us... For now, we wait for a new beginning.

Thanks to Renzo Barzizza and Silvia Moretti.