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03 December1970
Rimini Fair
Adele Mussoni
Music by Dj Balli & Lapo Boschi

Flowers and fair. The first shot of Adele Mussoni's Super8 filmed on 3 December 1970 is in fact dedicated to a flowering bush, with red flowers and fruit and 'resistant' to the cold of the season. It is a beautiful day, ideal for shooting in sunlight, and yet the shots dedicated to the outside of the new Rimini Trade Fair, to the modern blue pavilions built a couple of years earlier, can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is just the overture to introduce the visit. Mussoni is an elegant filmmaker who shoots with style, sensitivity and a sense of rhythm: we then immediately move on to the '20th International Exhibition of Hotel and Tourism Production and Handicrafts Exhibition', where we actually find everything. On the stands of Delucca and other brands, such as Candy, Singer, Ultravox, Zoppas, Angelini, are the latest models of household appliances. Signs indicate the sections for the beach, the hotel, the laundry, the office, the shop. All kinds of products are on display: motorboats, kitchens, scales, coffee machines, bar counters, tubs and pools, furniture, sofas and chairs. People wander admiringly between the stands, perhaps dazed, dreaming that they are already on holiday. We wake up with a model of the Rimini municipality's Operation Clean Sea: evidently by now it is clear that all this modernisation produces filth and pollution, but all that is needed to reassure us is a purification system for the swimming pool and a lamp with water gushes. And the dream continues.