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20 November1965
Equine market
Simone Schicchi
Music and sound design by Dario Mattia

So many horses, all together! This is the Sanfratellano horse show competition, which takes place in Sicily, in the Messina area, on 20 November 1965. The Sanfratellano is a majestic breed of horse that lives in the Nebrodi Mountains and is bred in the wild in the woods surrounding the town of San Fratello, from which it takes its name. The Sanfratellano horse is dark, strong and muscular. It is said that its origins are very ancient and that it is descended from the Nordic horses following Adelaide del Vasto, who in 1087 married Count Roger I of Sicily, thus sealing an alliance between the Aleramici and the Normans. Others say that the origin of this horse is even the equus sicanus mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Latins. Uncertain origins between history and legend, which matter just as much to the filmmaker Simone Schicchi who arrived in Acquedolci, a seaside town where the market is held, from Palermo. Perhaps to buy a horse or simply to admire this breed, which is considered suitable for riding and work. Certainly the occasion lends itself to the use of the 8mm camera. Horses have always fascinated those who want to capture the movement of living beings, even before cinema was invented. And if the experimenter Muybridge, a 'photographer' obsessed with animal and human locomotion, had encountered a Sanfratellano horse he would not have resisted, let alone Schicchi.