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29 September1968
The Bowls World Cup
Bruno Occhetto
Music by Alessandro De Lorenzi

The year 1968 is remembered for many things but too little for the world bowls championship, the final stage of which was held in Turin, on 29 September of that memorable year, in front of an audience of no less than seven thousand people. Among the boccia enthusiasts and film buffs, there were friends who came from Val Bormida, employees of Ferrania, where in fact bocce tournaments were at home as part of the company's Dopolavoro activities. Bruno Occhetto films in 8mm, perhaps to test a newly produced film, as Ferrania employees and workers are used to doing (thus being able to use the film for free). For those who are not particularly fond of bowls, or do not think this game is spectacular, they might be surprised, especially at the outline of the event. Besides, it's all a matter of passion; those who are not caught up in football or basketball fever might say the same thing about the sense of filling stadiums and sports halls... But the pathos of a comeback is always contagious, as we see in these sequences of Italy 2 and France coming back in the semi-final. And world champion Nicola Sturla's recollection cannot fail to excite: 'Italy fielded two teams: the reigning world champions, Granaglia, Benevene, Baroetto, Bragaglia, and formation 2 composed of myself, Gaggero, Macocco and Andreoli. After several eliminations, the two Italian formations came to compete for the rainbow title." Italy 2 came out on top: "We were world champions. A dream that I didn't think I could realise at the first attempt'.