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26 September1961
Expo Italia '61
Corrado Calanchi
Music by Maurizio Berta, Simone Gottardi e Marco Marasciuolo

'Celebration of the First Centenary of the Unification of Italy, Italia 61, Welcome to Turin 1961': this sign welcomes the Calanchi family on a visit to the city that was the first capital of Italy. It is 26 September, and the Calanchi tour the Piedmontese capital. As a first stop, they go to the Superga sanctuary where Corrado, a great football fan, films the memorial plaque in memory of the fallen members of the Grande Torino football team, who died in a tragic plane crash twelve years earlier. Then finally, here we are at the Expo, officially the International Labour Exhibition, with its futuristic pavilions (including that of the USSR), the famous monorail that gives a glimpse of the future of means of transport and the Circarama, a 360° filming and projection system that should change the cinematic experience of spectators who, completely surrounded by moving images, have the feeling of participating in the action. In 'La Stampa' we read about the success of the Expo, with over 6 million visitors, but the monorail was left a few months later to a fate of abandonment and the Circarama patented by Walt Disney remained one of many inventions without a future. But Corrado Calanchi was prescient, among many promises, he filmed the chapel and the religious sculptures. Better to rely on traditions and religious certainties, albeit renewed in their very modern appearance. How can you blame him.