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20 September1956
Wedding in Palermo
Giuseppe Damiata
Music & sound design by Lorenzo Valdesalici

In Palermo in September, everyone gets married and the streets are filled with small wedding processions. As in this 9.5 mm film by Giuseppe Damiata, opened by the sign with the date, 20 September 1956, and the invitation sheet from which, unfortunately, nothing can be read. Instead we read the wishes to the bride and groom that the child, not of his own free will, writes on a blackboard. It is the first gem of this film. Which is followed by others. The bride leaves the house, accompanied by her father and relatives, in a procession. Some in cars, some on foot. The shots in the church, which usually come out badly because of the difficult lighting, are instead very beautiful here: the camera lingers on the faces of those present. The camera lingers on the faces of those present. To tell the truth, one doubts that even the bride and groom are there not of their own free will, judging by the expressions on their faces. But then they melt into smiles, it was just the tension of the moment, it is a definitive transformation, from single and bachelor to married is a big step, and in 1956 Italy, when you say yes it is forever.