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19 September1934
Fiera del Levante
Mario Cessi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

'The Fiera del Levante is a superb achievement of Fascist Bari, it is a magnificent example of tenacious will and spirit of organisation'. The fifth edition of the Fair is so impressive that it deserves that it is Mussolini himself who inaugurates it, particularly pleased - as he says - to be put 'in touch with the generous people of Apulia, people of solid farmers and enterprising sailors, two categories of Italians, who are particularly dear to my heart." The Duce emphasised the organisational quality demonstrated and the possibility of dialogue with the East that the Fair offered, and then concluded by going further: "The Fascist Revolution, in the political sector, has gone a long way. There is still work to be done. It is not for nothing that we have introduced into your minds the concept of the Revolution as a perennial mode of conquest. In the economic sector we have been laying the foundations since 1926: the premises are there. Now we will march. You will ask: what is the goal? I answer you: the goal of our march on the economic terrain is the realisation of higher social justice for the Italian people." It all sounds very promising, even to Mario Cessi, who films the pavilions of the Fair in a vain attempt to fit them all into the footage shot on 9.5 mm film. At the end of this film, he dwells on the beautiful record company pavilion 'La voce del padrone' (His Master’s Voice) , which - we should point out - has nothing to do with the voice of the inaugural speech.