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12 September1966
Fête de l'Humanité
Franco Cigarini
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Paris, 12 September. Franco Cigarini can be well satisfied with his trip across the Alps. With his 16mm camera, he filmed the best of the Fête de l'Humanité. The sequences will be the basis of the documentary entitled 'La plus grande fête de France', promoted by the 'Sezione Togliatti' Federazione del P.C.I. of Reggio Emilia, of which we see an extract. The French Communist Party, like the Italian one, has its newspaper and its party, this year held in Bois de Vincennes, east of Paris. Before the party, however, the visiting delegation pays homage at the Père-Lachaise cemetery to the grave of Maurice Thorez (1900-1964), the secretary of the PCF who died the same year as Togliatti, the fallen in the concentration camps and the revolutionaries of the Commune. But here was the party, a great popular event, with pavilions representing the communist struggle throughout the world, and of course the Unity pavilion, representing our Italian friends, and then the popular dances, merry-go-rounds, concerts of traditional music and the militant Hugues Aufray, a kind of hero on stage. A concert by French rock star Johnny Hallyday was also planned, but as he attempted suicide, the concert was skipped. Fortunately the suicide failed and the damned star - for whom some old communists still turn up their noses - did not spoil the party.