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06 September1964
From Naples to Catania by Boat
Giuseppe Damiata
Music & sound design by Lorenzo Valdesalici

Nuccia is three years old when she boards a boat for the first time, an event that makes her very happy. The day is 6 September 1964, the route is Naples Catania, the passenger ship is called 'La città di Livorno' . All this data is present on Giuseppe Damiata's 9.5 mm reel from which these sequences are taken, dedicated to the little girl's early years. The voyage on a 1930 ship, sunk during the war and then refitted and renamed in 1949, is short-lived in the film. We find Nuccia portrayed with family and friends on a balcony in Catania, cuddled as ever. She wears a fashionable dummy around her neck. When one sees such an object in a home movie, one naturally wonders if it is a novelty at the time and how widespread it was. In truth, it seems that the history of the dummy, of this substitute tit, is thousands of years old. Art historians would tell us precisely where we can find it depicted. Who knows whether the dummy yes or dummy no debate, that is, whether to use it or not, has such ancient origins. One thing is certain, Nuccia, you are already three years old, you only wear it around your neck, it is time to take it off, but first let's have a shot.