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03 September1933
Triumph of Youth at the Mussolini Stadium
Nicolò La Colla
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

'Triumph of youth at the Mussolini Stadium in Turin', so the newsreels introduce the university (and goliardic) world games held in the Piedmontese city in early September. But before taking us to the stadium with his 8mm camera, Nicolò La Colla films the visit to the city by Fascist Party Secretary Achille Starace on Sunday 3 September. As we read in the reports, the day's programme is intense. In La Colla's footage, the Apulian hierarch 'reviews the intellectuals' and harangues from the balcony of a palace a small crowd of representatives of various university and professional categories (doctors in economics and commerce, accountants, musicians, chemists, veterinarians in no particular order) displaying their placards and applauding with conviction and for convenience. Then La Colla finally takes us to the Stadium for the inauguration, with the parade of athletes from all over the world and the historical Carousel of universities in traditional costumes. 'The huge crowd in the stadium', headlines a sign from the 8mm film. The newly built and inaugurated stadium, with its 65,000 spectators, is the largest in Italy and is indeed full. The Colla then shows us clips of the football match between Italy and Germany, a hard-fought game certainly, and at the same time a good omen for future alliances. Unfortunately, the film suddenly ends, interrupting the football action at the most beautiful moment, as the 'End' sign with a little man drawn on it almost apologises, ironically makes us understand. Instead, the alliance between the two powers would be unhappily and belligerently pursued over the next ten years.