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15 August1961
Ferragosto for everyone
Adele Mussoni
Music by Lorenzo Valdesalici

It was like a circus in Rimini in 1961. As if the whole of Italy suddenly found itself in the small town on the Romagna Riviera. Perhaps not even Federico Fellini's imagination would go that far, but as he had long since fled to Rome, Adele Mussoni filmed - no need to invent it - this saraband that opens with the railway station and the arrival of the trains. Here is the chronicle of this day, scene by scene: hordes of tourists descend from the trains and crowd the station exit. The tourists try to board the buses. In the background is the Rimini skyscraper, the symbol of an unprecedented grandeur. Mussoni gives us a break before diving back into the summer crowds: two children near a fountain. Rimini's boulevards. A woman in a park. A roundabout with a flowerbed near the beach. The Grand Hotel. But here is the beach, packed to the rafters, as a helicopter hovers in the sky. Here are the games, sandcastles, swings, ladies strolling, children, advertisements even in the sky: an aeroplane in flight with the advertising banner 'Frarica Shirts'. A little girl is sitting on a papier-mâché elephant, as if we were in Cinecittà. A blonde girl in a bikini and a little girl emerge from the water hand in hand, with sudden movement. Again the helicopter in the sky, the same as at the beginning of Fellini's film released the year before. A banner is displayed at the entrance to a park: 'Ferragosto per tutti' (August holiday for all). A road crossroads. Traffic policemen dressed in white direct the traffic. Cars and means of locomotion of all kinds pass by, in a riot of Kodachrome colours. In the background a huge Coca Cola billboard. A group of women in traditional dress. We are at a local festival. There is also a band. Intense activity preparing spit-roasted chicken and kebabs. Everything is mixed up in this magnificent portrait of Rimini's dolce vita.