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01 August1940
Levante Riviera
Fratelli Chierici
Symphony no. 5 - Gustav Mahler | Adagietto reworked by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Summer is hot and the four young people (two boys and two girls) in this wonderful film escape from Genoa and take their car, a beautiful right-hand drive FIAT 1100 spider, for an adventure on the Riviera di Levante. Stage after stage - here we find them in Camogli - thoughts of everyday life leave room for more. So when one of the boys' Private Law book falls into the water, study intentions for the next exam go to the bottom, only to resurface in the mind just for a moment while the boys are on the boat. Extensive excerpt from 'Riviera di Levante', a beautiful 16mm colour film shot in the summer of 1940. It is the first of August, Italy has just entered the war but these boys don't really think about it and neither do we as we look at these images. Yet the appearance of some of the places portrayed in this film would change within a few years under Allied bombing. But for these boys, or rather the characters that these boys play (assuming there is a difference because they are only playing themselves), the war years are the best years of their lives. Perhaps they will remember the smell of summer, meeting the fishermen at the tonnara, the taste of lasagne with pesto, the kittens eating leftovers from lunch and the first languorous lovemaking, certainly the intoxicating beauty of the landscape of the Riviera del Levante, enhanced by the photography of Costantino (Tino) Ernesto Roggero, a great friend and Enrico Chierici's university classmate that very year, who would keep this film after the death of the civil aviation pilot Roggero in a plane crash eighteen years later.