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30 July1936
E.I.A.R. Cruise
Famiglia Barzizza
Music & mix audio by Marco Melilli | Biennio di Sound Design del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

A cruise on the Mediterranean to circumnavigate Italy from Trieste to Genoa, on board the Transatlantic Conte Verde. Launched by Radiocorriere, the cruise by EIAR - the Italian radio broadcasting organisation, progenitor of RAI - is an exceptional and exclusive initiative, reserved for radio subscribers. The advertisement reads: 'Participation fees of Lire 180, 270, 360. Single class with free circulation in all rooms and on all decks of the ship. Drawing, among participants, of a 500 FIAT [a Topolino!, ed.] On board: games pallacorda - skeet shooting, etc. etc. - swimming pool, dancing'. And written in large, well-marked letters: Orchestra Cetra. Yes, the very famous Cetra Orchestra, vedette of national radio, on board. In addition to hearing them play in live performances (which will later be broadcast), cruise passengers have the chance to meet their favourites, first and foremost Pippo Barzizza, the orchestra's conductor and the composer of many of the musical pieces played by the orchestra. Pieces with a very American flavour that bring the language of jazz to Italy. Here he is, then, our Pippo, who obviously brought his 9.5 mm camera: amateur cinema for him is a passion equal to that of music. We see him in Venice, in St. Mark's Square surrounded by pigeons for the typical tourist pose, with his beloved Titina and friends from the orchestra. And a few shots later we are with him on board the ship where there is a swing that is very popular although the advertisement forgot to include it among the attractions on deck... Understandably Pippo almost always shoots Titina, who returns the glances from the swing. And just before here she is pictured with the Faraglioni, we have arrived Capri. During the stop on the island, Pippo takes us for a ride on the funicular. Once at the top, the view is beautiful and our cameraman doesn't forget to film the Conte Verde who is waiting for the group to get back on course for Genoa. It is 30 July and the unforgettable I EIAR cruise is coming to an end. Everything seems to be going well, the happiest will probably be the winner of the Topolino. To find out who it is, just flick through the pages of the following weeks' Radiocorriere.