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22 July1973
Emanuela's dream
Enzo Magistro
Original sound with author's commentary

Do you remember how you were born? Watch this film… On 22 July 1973, little Emanuela falls asleep with the thought that her little brother in her mother's belly never arrives. And so she dreams of fetching him through a dream journey that sees her reach Toyland and use means such as flying trains and balloons. The next morning, when she wakes up, she will find her little brother Roberto in the cradle. It is a journey of the imagination that of daddy Enzo Magistro who, as he would recount many years later commenting on the images of the film, occupies the garage of his house, which for over two months becomes a set and finds unusual locations among the hills of Reggio Emilia for the sequence of the tin train that takes flight. And the roofs on which the hot air balloon lands are precisely those near the house, not taken who knows where... To Enzo, to whose memory today's excerpt is dedicated, no one will ever be able to say that for him the family film is to document the usual things that happen. This is the second film of three about the birth of children, to each his dream and to our eyes the triumph of visionary craftsmanship in Super8.