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21 July1934
Wedding in Roma
Nicolò La Colla
Music & Mix audio by Théophile Gagnard | Master InMICS - Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

Art or life? On his wedding day, the filmmaker experiences a deep inner conflict. For once he is forced to abandon the camera and be the filmed subject. Certainly 21 July 1934 is for Nicolò La Colla a day of great joy that seals his union with Adriana Panini, but it must not be easy for him, despite the happiness of finally being together in Rome. We see him in some moments almost frowning, in others smoking nervously and then looking into the camera while making strange gestures. He seems to say: 'What are you doing? The shot like this is no good..." Poor brother Pasquale does his best, but it will never be the same for Nicolò, for him control of the shot is everything. The wedding produces a kind of short circuit in Nicolò: it is the most important day of his life and he cannot even film it. However, a suspicion occurs to us. In some shots Nicolò disappears, so we imagine that he regains possession of his beloved 8mm camera, if only for a few moments. As for the shot of the train arriving on the platform of Termini Station, which is yet another magnificent homage to the Lumière and the testimony of the arrival of the Sicilian relatives welcomed by the newlyweds. Nicolò's worries, however, are a little pathological, Pasquale copes well: the exit from the baroque church of San Marcello al Corso is thrilling, perhaps a little shaky, and the shot of the lunch table in front of a large mirror is effective (and briefly gives a glimpse of the improvised cameraman).The film 'My Wedding' ends, however, with an intimate portrait of Adriana smiling at home, still in her wedding dress, while having fun with a small toy airship. This time it is definitely Nicolò who films her, as well as in the following days, almost obsessively, during their honeymoon on the Côte d'Azur.