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17 July1960
The first time
Giuseppe Masotti
Music by Lorenzo Valdesalici

The first time. We can say that summer is par excellence the season of first times. Perhaps because there is more free time, during the day it is warm and in the evening it is nice. Many firsts are then filmed by amateur cameramen, put to work mainly in their free time, on holiday. This reel is in fact entitled 'Umberto sees the sea for the first time' and the sea in question is that of Rimini. An experience common to many children of the same generation as Umberto Masotti for whom the Adriatic is the first sea. The child in our 8mm, filmed first by his father and then by his mother, is very comfortable in the water and also playing on the beach. In Rimini there is also the swing on the water, which for Umberto, his mother and the other bathers is an irresistible attraction. A national-popular symbol and icon of seaside holidays in Rimini in the 1960s, the iron swing - sponsored by Campari and Coca Cola - was to be dismantled in 1989, the year that also saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, sealing the end of an era in which, curiously enough, the wall and the swing were perfectly co-equal. Beyond this coincidence, the fact remains that 1989 is the terrible year of mucilage in the sea. We could always point out how the famous mucilage from pollution is a sign of the rottenness of capitalism to be contrasted with the coeval collapse of communism. Then perhaps it will be true that with the fall of the wall we will witness the End of History, as some have claimed. For the time being, in 1960, at best one falls overboard from the seesaw, without hurting oneself much.