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08 July1952
Flower Festival
Angelo Marzadori
Siegfried Idyll by Richard Wagner performed by Albert Octave

"It is an amateur film". So it is written at the top, before the title 'Garden and Flower Festival'. A statement that could not be more explicit. Just to clarify, in fact, as is often the case in amateur films, flowers and flower gardens are subjects to be favoured, especially for a colour film like this one. Angelo Marzadori is in Montecatini for the third edition of the most important Italian amateur film festival and cannot remain indifferent to the context. The spa has a fairy-tale garden and then, right in conjunction with the festival, on 8 July 1952, the famous and traditional flower festival takes place. So, with the help of his wife Laura, who did the photography, and with the support of the Cine Club Bologna, Marzadori's home production company Gelo Film churned out this 8mm. The splendid shots of the plants and flowers, and the goldfish swimming in the pool (another unmissable subject), are followed by the parade of musicians and the floats, proving that with flowers and a little imagination to amaze tourists and visitors, anything can now be given shape. Nothing to envy the floats of the most renowned carnivals. And speaking of masks, there is no shortage of contemporary heroes, cycling champions, and a sort of caricature of the film-news operators who are now also at home in Montecatini. Film critics at the festival usually complain about the presence of too many works with flowers and children, and Marzadori's film fully falls into this category. In the long run, however, among the most interesting examples of that season will remain films that fully represent their time, like this one. Made by Angelo himself, who as a left-wing militant liked to film political parades in black and white (but also a beautiful May Day procession in colour). This short film is an exception in his filmography. Was it Laura who motivated him in his choice of subject? It is said that she was not always so happy with the political situations filmed by her husband. But perhaps Angelo in the girls throwing flowers, beyond the folkloric aspect, sees a message of peace not so distant from that of the flags of his beloved demonstrations.