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07 July1939
Arrival in Zadar
Puccio Posse Ruth
Music by Lorenza Ceregnini & Mix audio Théophile Gagnard | Biennio di Sound Design del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

The arrival in Zadar from the sea on 7 July 1939 only concerns the last part of this short film shot by the Italian-Argentine Ruth Puccio Posse. The group portrait at the beginning of the film, on the sea skate parked on the beach, is filmed in Fregene on a windy June day. Most of Ruth's films are set on the Latium coast and around Rome, and often feature her eldest son Massimo (his brother Adalberto would be born during the war) with his military husband and friends. From the beginning to the end of this short reel, the sea changes. We are still in the Mediterranean, no longer on the Tyrrhenian Sea, but on the Adriatic. And in the middle, a short sequence of the boat trip with an affectionate portrait of Massimo. The last shots, however, are of the arrival in Zadar, a Dalmatian city that juts out into the sea. Zadar, of ancient origins and rich in architecture and monuments, has been an Italian city since 1920 and would remain so until 1944. According to the intentions of the town planner Paolo Rossi De' Paoli, the author of the town plan from 1939, 'the symbols of the three great epochs of Zadar: the Roman, the Venetian and the Fascist' would tower over the city. And it is precisely the architecture of the new Zadar that already shows itself, if only for a moment, to Ruth Puccio Posse's 16mm camera.