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28 June1941
In Garfagnana
Giovanni Rinaldi
Musica & mix audio by Pasquale Savignano | Biennio di Sound Design del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

The title runs: "Summer 1941 in Corfino." A hand underlines on the calendar the date 28 June 1941, the day of the start of the journey to Garfagnana filmed by Giovanni Rinaldi, who leaves for a long summer holiday with his family. They lock up their house, turn the key in the keyhole and off they go, first by train and then by coach or, as they say, torpedone (coach) to Corfino. At the railway station, one of the many trains of the Lumière brothers arrives, which the film buffs never stop filming, emulating that first turn of the camera's crank, an inaugural gesture they have internalised. How not to be moved by certain perspectives on the tracks... But Giovanni, whom we like to imagine as a young avant-garde lover, between the very close-up of his face and the hand of his little sister waving goodbye (in the previous scene), cannot help but be fascinated by the perspective of what at the time of its inauguration is the highest road bridge in Europe, on the state road between the villages of Magnano and Canigiano. A daring architectural example in reinforced concrete, the bridge will be dedicated to its main maker, that Attilio Vergai, former mayor of Villa Comandina, then bank director who after the armistice went over to the Resistance, was taken prisoner and died in 1945 in mysterious circumstances. The bridge is also known as a favourite spot for suicides who can take advantage of its 87-metre height to throw themselves into the void. But Giovanni does not think about this when he films his holiday. And it is only the first day of a stay in Garfagnana that will last until September, amidst the comings and goings of his father Attilio, who evidently can only take a few days off, the daily life of the mountain people of Corfino (at 825 metres), the trips up the stream with his older sister, the picking of berries, the excursions to Campaiana with a view of the imposing Mount Paina of the Apuan Alps, the cheerful return and goodbye to Corfino, as the captions that are glimpsed for a few seconds read. The eternal return of summer and holidays in Corfino is in this film suspended in time.