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23 June1929
Riva del Garda
Emilio Gola
Music by Lea Keyaert - Mix audio by Théophile Gagnard | Biennio di Musica da Film del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

After the harsh winter of 1929, summer has finally arrived and with summer comes heat. So those who can move from the city to the lake. On 23 June, 'guests are numerous' in a villa in Riva del Garda, where they really get along well for a Sunday together, in front of the camera of the hosts, the Gola family. At least three generations of people parade in this early season film. Only the dog, however, dives into the water to bring a piece of wood ashore. The last shot is from the next day: a guest has stranded his car and is unable to start it: will it be real or is it all a pretense to stay? On that same day, far from the rituals and holiday games, a law on freedom of worship was promulgated, Article 1 of which states: 'cults other than the apostolic and Roman Catholic religion are admitted in the State, provided they do not profess principles or follow rites contrary to public order or morality'. A few months earlier, the Concordat had decreed Catholicism the religion of the State, now other cults are recognised and this is the minimum, but with the Lateran Pacts the State's secularism has been renounced and this will affect everyone's life, including the guests of Riva del Garda.