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15 June1980
Let's go reap the wheat
Francesco Rinaldi
Original sound

​​’We will reap the wheat, the wheat, the wheat. We will reap the love, love, love'. Thus the song. In mid-June, harvest time begins, which Francesco Rinaldi includes in his poetic peasant film work 'Tempo' on the seasons in the countryside, work and daily life. A highly original Super8 work, filmed in the Apennines of Modena and featuring his parents, farmers Ettore and Irma. Here we see an extract from the second half of four, like the seasons. Francesco, who is a young worker, films, edits and sounds the films, inserting titles, animations, music and effects. A sign interrupts the narration: 'le un cheld ca si scopia' (it's a hot day). Towards the end of the day, Ettore and Irma arrange the grain in the barn while their granddaughter, little Anna, watches them amused. Sunset is approaching, and Ettore relaxes by eating watermelon with Anna in the shade of the courtyard. ‘When the threshing is over and dusk falls, we can return to the farmhouse until the day returns.’ In 1980, Super8 is the protagonist of family film performances, it will disappear within a few years replaced by video technology. Still surviving, under the eye of the camera, is the peasant world.