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13 June1929
The Appartition
Mario Cessi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

The world is losing faith and on 13 June 1929 Our Lady appears to Sister Lucy who is praying in Tuy, Spain. It is Our Lady who had already appeared at Fatima, with Her Immaculate Heart in Her left hand and wearing a crown of thorns and flames, and wrapped in a beam of supernatural light. She expresses great concern and calls for the consecration of Russia, her conversion to save it. Almost a century later, the Ukrainian bishops would ask the Pope to entrust the fate of their land and Russia again to the Consecration to Our Lady, perhaps to no avail. On the same day, however, the secular religion of home cinema - which does not seem to be of great concern to the ecclesiastical authorities - produces another apparition, if we may say, much more effective and lasting: Ugo appears under a beam of light, this time natural, in front of his father Mario's Pathé Baby camera. The effect is nevertheless miraculous. We see this child smiling almost a hundred years later and showing us his toys, a tram carriage and a stuffed kitten, and then a Pathé 'cinema chez soi' brochure. Then the miracle of light and movement continues outside, with the participation of his mother, and the landscape of the Civitanova Marche countryside.