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08 June1942
From Bologna to Stalino
Enrico Chierici
Music by Renato Rinaldi

Bologna railway station, 8 June 1942, it is 8 o'clock in the evening. The 3rd Photographers' Section of the Italian Army leaves for the Russian front. The 9.5 mm film "From Bologna to Stalino", shot by officer Enrico Chierici, documents the journey from the city in Emilia to Stalino, a Ukrainian city named after Stalin but later changed its name to Donetsk. 

The train will pass through regions and locations in Austria, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine and Chierici's footage will alternate between landscape, stations and scenes of military life. The officer films everything: the prisoners working at the stations, before the convoy arrives in Brest-Litovsk, Belarus, and crosses the Bug River. The teams of girls working along the tracks. And then from a certain point the destruction of the war that will be present the rest of the way. On the way, a train loaded with deportees: men, women and children, stopped at the station. Despite the destroyed bridges along the Beresina, Druc and Dnepr rivers, the journey will reach its destination after the fifteen days needed to cover the distance of some 3,500 kilometres. On Chierici's part, as long as he lives, there will remain a constant desire to maintain and pass on these memories to family, friends and veterans, through meetings and screenings. And his notes, after his passing, will be useful in reconstructing the narrative of this journey to a scenario where war will return.