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03 June1962
Journey with the Cinquecento
Ermanno Cavazzoni
Music by Corrado Nuccini & Giuseppe Cordaro

The filmmaker, the girlfriend and the car. From North to South is the journey of two Emilian boyfriends, Ermanno Cavazzoni, a 29-year-old salesman and filmmaker, and Carla, a 22-year-old office worker. Their 8mm film documents the itinerary, punctuated by very fast stages, of the Reggio Emilia - Foggia trip on 3 June 1962 and the excursions to Puglia and Basilicata in the following days. The fiancés set off from their town at five o'clock in the morning to reach her parents, who had moved south for work. With the flamboyant Cinquecento, a sporty version of the small utility car: white grey with red side stripes, portrayed with Carla in frame after frame, the stages and one road sign after another. Bologna, where the motorway stops, and the towns along the Adriatic: Riccione, San Benedetto del Tronto and Pescara. In Foggia, there are no signs, but behind the girlfriend and the ever-present Cinquecento, the railway station stands out: the detail of the clock showing 4.35 p.m., the arrival time, is filmed. In the second part, shot over the next two or three days, the landscapes between Puglia and Basilicata are filmed, abandoned ruins, Melfi in the distance, the old and the new, and then Bari, Putignano, Alberobello… Two young people, an iconic car, a camera, Italy to discover. Ermanno and Carla go travelling alone for the first time, outside the family, albeit for the very short time of a hurried trip. The wedding between the two will take place after the summer. The Cinquecento, utilitarian par excellence here in its most aggressive version, is not only a means of transport but also an emancipation tool to conquer a space, at a hundred kilometres per hour.