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02 June1946
Monarchy or Republic?
Famiglia Zanardi Prosperi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Monarchy or Republic? On 2 June 1946, there is the referendum that will mark the future of Italy: the form of State is chosen. But the two children in this film, not yet able to vote and betting for one or the other, decide to dive into a fight that is played out in front of the camera, while the secret of the ballot box is something else entirely. Almost 90% of the eligible voters vote and for the first time there are also women among the 25 million who finally feel like free citizens to choose. In short, an epochal choice: the republican ideal wins, but not in all areas of Italy. And the monarchists claim there has been fraud: it is hard for them to believe that times have really changed, after all that has happened in the previous twenty years and more, between fascism and war. But there is no going back. In L'Unità the former king who struggles to recognise the result before fleeing is called 'The outlaw of the Quirinal'. While the children's fight ends in kisses, those who fought for democracy are happy and the majority celebrate (some of these will later discover that it will still be 'a difficult life'). Meanwhile the shouts and headlines rise: Long live the Republic, Long live Italy!