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28 May1928
Indian Village
Guglielmo Baldassini
Music & Mix audio by Théophile Gagnard | Biennio di Musica da Film del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

Milan, 28 May 1928. Little Luciano Baldassini is filmed from behind with his flying balloon as he approaches an elephant. This is how the 9.5 mm reel shot by his father Guglielmo at the Milan Fair Amusement Park in 1928 opens. We are in the midst of the imaginative reconstruction of an Indian village, a 'picturesque shambles' among the Park's major attractions, 'some absolutely new to our audiences, and coming from the most distant countries to add a note of gaiety to the great concert of good humour'. So writes the Corriere, and who knows if it is referring to this very show, where the stage has as its backdrop a reconstruction of an Indian landscape. Dances are performed on stage. One of the participants wears a traditional mask. But here comes the elephant parade: the pachyderms carry logs on their trunks, lie down on the ground on the trainer and lift him up with their trunks. Between dances and costumes, it is impossible not to linger with the camera on the snake charmer. The audience watches. Humans also like to be charmed.