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26 May1960
The Procession
Luciano Osti
Original sound

When you arrive in Bologna, you will see the ancient Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, which, with its long and famous portico, dominates the city. This sacred place is visited by numerous pilgrims who come to venerate the Virgin and Child, an ancient Byzantine icon. It is said that in the 15th century, during a period of heavy rains and famine, the icon carried in procession miraculously managed to stop the rains and bring back good weather. Since then, it was decided to bring the image to the city every year. The celebrations begin with the descent of the holy effigy on the Saturday before the fifth Sunday after Easter. The icon is brought to Bologna through the portico of San Luca by a procession of the faithful and, passing through the streets of the centre, reaches the Cathedral accompanied by the festive sound of bells. The following week, the Madonna is brought back to the Sanctuary. And it was precisely on 26 May 1960 that five amateur filmmakers decided to lurk along the return route through the streets of the old town centre and secularly film the stream of faithful. The result is this beautiful 8mm film, the result of collective work, edited and soundtracked and entitled 'The Procession'.