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25 May1935
Famiglia Giogoli
Musica & mix audio di by Théophile Gagnard | Biennio di Musica da Film del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

In Budrio, in the Bolognese plains north of the city, on Via Olmo, there is the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, built in 1589 in honour of the image of a miraculous Madonna hanging from a tree, an elm, to serve as protection to wayfarers against dangers and brigands. The icon, made of polychrome papier-mâché, is carried in procession every year through the streets of the village. On 25 May 1935, they are all there, around the Madonna, and the children taking communion give beautiful smiles. The local community comes together in a gigantic and impressive provincial collective ritual, filmed in 9.5mm perhaps by the same hand that was in Libya two weeks earlier for a procession of cars, the Tripoli Grand Prix. Moving between overseas possessions and Emilia is child's play. It may be that Mr Giogoli took a lift in an aeroplane from Italo Balbo, who has to return to his neck of the woods every now and then. It is now a very dynamic Italy, the secular processions must not make one think that one stands still.