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18 May1968
The Rally
Enzo Donati
Music by Alessio Ricci | Mix audio Pierpaolo Ovarini Biennio di Musica da Film del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

So much admiration for those who stoically pursue their ideas, despite everything, in the face of nothing. Who knows what they are talking about, there is no audio but it matters little to understand the scene. We are in fact at the end of the electoral campaign for the 1968 political elections and the Italian Liberal Party organises a rally in a square in Alfonsine, which in Enzo Donati's film, however, remains desolately empty. One wonders then whether the 103 people who voted in those elections for the Chamber of Deputies for the Liberal Party were locked in their parked cars or whether they stayed at home out of some fear and shame at being seen out and about. Certainly those one hundred and three 'dissidents' represent 1.17 of the voters. The Communist party and the Socialist parties together reach about 80 per cent of the votes, and if we also add Republicans, who have a great historical tradition in Romagna, we approach 90 per cent, while the government party par excellence, the Christian Democrats, obtain 995 votes, 11.26 per cent. Another world compared to the national results. Even more incredible is the participation figure: out of 9,254 voters, 9,076 voted, 98.08%. The filmmaker, behind his camera, is laughing. Amusedly, he does not stop filming, making fun of his political opponents, who nevertheless do not stop at the emptiness they face, and giving us a hilarious portrait of electoral Italy. There is food for thought on these data and results, but political elections are obviously not decided in Alfonsine, where many are still looking East, where the sun of the future rises, beyond the nearby Adriatic Sea. But we are not only on the eve of elections, we are also on the eve of the repression of the Prague Spring and during the youth protests: everything is changing around Alfonsine.