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14 May1979
Cannes Film Festival
Nino Gatti
Original sound

On 14 May 1979 at the Cannes Film Festival, there was the first screening of 'Hair', the film adaptation of the famous pacifist and protester musical that had been touring the world since the late 1960s. The film version is directed by Milos Forman and the film is a special event of the Festival. So special that cinematographer Nino Gatti steals sequences by filming the screen and adopts the soundtrack for his complete and highly personal reportage of the festival in Super8. Gatti films the entire festival adopting the point of view of the voyeur, the uninvited party intruder: he films the opening and closing (of which we show sequences characterised by an immoderate use of the zoom lens), but also filmmakers, actors and actresses relaxing or doing gymnastics by the pool, he sneaks in with his camera and grabs pieces of exclusive interviews. Then he edits the whole thing and comments ironically. 'Hair' is against the war in Vietnam, not to mention 'Apocalypse Now' to which the first prize goes ex aequo. Of all the stars we see on the Croisette filmed by Gatti, in addition to Francis Ford Coppola, we recognise many others. The king of the festival is Yves Montand and the queen is Lauren B The queen for Gatti, on the other hand, is Laura, his wife. And then Gatti, who knows why, is impressed by the 'tailor' Pierre Cardin. It seemed a bit old-fashioned, but in 2023 'Hair' is back at the Cannes Film Festival, this time opening. Everything comes back, in cinema, in life and in the almanac.