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04 May1928
Carousel at the Milan Fair
Guglielmo Baldassini
Music by Alessio Ricci & Mix audio Pierpaolo Ovarini | Biennio di Musica da Film del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna

At the beginning of May 1928, only a few weeks, not even a month, had passed since the assassination attempt on Victor Emmanuel III at the inauguration of the Milan Fair dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the victory in the Great War. The terrible explosion, whose perpetrators were never really identified and whose nature remains shrouded in mystery, certainly did not cause any damage to the king, but on the other hand killed dozens of people and seriously injured many others. Because of the dynamics and the location of the device, the hypothesis remains that the 'horrendous massacre' - as the newspapers call it - was aimed at carrying out a massacre of civilians, rather than actually targeting the king. However, nothing has stopped, everything is whirling and mechanical, while arrests of culprits never really found follow one another: the Fair is open and the show goes on, as in this 9.5 mm film that in fact opens with footage from the Fair's amusement park: a merry-go-round spins fast. And we see Laura and Luciano happy, wife and son of filmmaker Guglielmo Baldassini. Behind them, other merry-go-rounds and the small rollercoaster tower. Next, a car whizzes in circles on a small indoor circuit: at the end of the ride, Laura and the child get out of the car. The tour continues with the baboon float, more rides and the rollercoaster. And finally, a shot of Luciano and Laura walking towards the camera while, behind them, a car turns around again. Is the wheel of histo