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01 May1951
Angelo Marzadori

First of May 1951, Bologna, Giardini Margherita. This is how a little girl from that time remembers it: 'I was there. With my parents and two uncles and cousins who lived in Bologna. Living near Budrio, I was impressed at the sight of such an impressive demonstration. We went by bus and got off at Porta San Vitate and then walked to Giardini Margherita." Also at the public park is the excited filmmaker Angelo Marzadori. He is holding his first 8mm colour film that he kept for an important event, Workers' Day. An event that can also be remembered through colour nuances. We are used to seeing black and white images from this era and with this iconography. Colour, more unique than rare for film images documenting news events, completely changes our visual perception. As is often the case at this time of year, the day on the 1st of May is cloudy, almost gloomy, despite the spring season. However, the Kodachrome film shows us striking colours, enhancing an event full of parades, red and rainbow flags, in the name of work and peace. Women and men parade jubilantly in costumes and work clothes, testifying to the confidence and hope in the future of those who feel part of building a better society. Slogans against armaments are read out. The Cold War, which began a few years ago, is already at its height. There are many signs of the popular imagination and culture of the time. A stage packed with political and trade union personalities is attended by Mayor Giuseppe Dozza and trade unionist Giuseppe Di Vittorio, whose speech is interrupted by the rain. Rain or no rain, the crowd is there for the 'sun of the future'.