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30 April1957
Silver Wedding
Giuseppe Lenzi
Original sound

When the filmmaker's parents got married in 1932, there was no camera. Twenty-five years later, on 30 April 1957, "Mum and Dad's Silver Wedding" was filmed instead. The author of this sound film that shows and 'accurately' recounts the day is Giuseppe Lenzi, with his unfailing 8mm camera. The small-format world of Lenzi, who is just over twenty years old, is encapsulated in his films, of which this - of which we show the ending - is a perfect example. A family chronicle of the whole day, rainy at first: the mass in Siena in the same church where father and mother were married, the grandmothers and aunts waiting at home, the trip with Mr Ficardi's taxi to San Gimignano and the beautiful visit to the Romanesque parish church of Cellole that closes the film. The two parents leave the country church surrounded by cypress trees. Returning home, the author reflects on the time that has passed and the time to come: 'It was an unforgettable day. Who knows, maybe in another twenty-five years, if we will be here again...". Dear film lover, we will hardly know precisely, but thanks to your film we are here today, always and again in an eternal return.