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18 April1957
The Little Tourist
Carlo Fuzzi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

The little tourist is a little girl of about ten years old wearing a red coat and carrying a briefcase as she explores the city. The film is a little poetic and affectionate mise-en-scène of the filmmaker uncle Carlo Fuzzi with his niece, Donata. An amusement, which is also meant to be a stimulus to get to know the historical places of Bologna. The little tourist is in Piazza Maggiore, in the background the hustle and bustle of the city, while she is busy feeding the pigeons. After finding a guidebook and a map in her suitcase, the little girl looks around, buys a coloured balloon from a vendor. She disappears and reappears. We find her again not far away, under the two towers, her eyes turned upwards. Finally, here she is in another square in front of the complex of the seven churches of St Stephen with her coloured balloons. Magic or a dream? The film, shot on 18 April 1957 by positioning the camera at the height of the little girl, is an attempt to map urban space and at the same time the enchanted world of a little girl with a red coat, a suitcase and a coloured balloon: impossible not to love it. In Bologna, fortunately there has never been a metro, it is very difficult to argue that Fuzzi anticipates Queneau and Malle's Zazie around the city... We can however imagine that the Bertolucci brothers in 1990 for one of their short films on Bologna were inspired by Fuzzi by putting a little girl discovering the city at the centre of the scene. It may not be true, but it is fair homage to Fuzzi to believe it. However, the doubt remains that instead...