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13 April1951
Bread to the Flood Victims
Angelo Marzadori
Music & mix audio by Pierpaolo Ovarini | Scuola di Sound Design del Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna.

Between January and February 1951, the Reno river burst its banks, flooding the Ferrara countryside and towns and causing disasters in the fields and suffering to the population. Poggio Renatico, one of the hardest hit towns and a victim of floods and overflows for centuries, was recently visited by the President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi and the Minister of Agriculture (and future President) Antonio Segni. Obviously, official visits are not enough, we need to take concrete action, and in the meantime, bread arrives thanks to the initiative of the Bolognese bakers' union... In fact, it is the bakers in solidarity who bring their products, pasta and not just bread, to the flood victims for Easter. And cinematographer Angelo Marzadori films in 8mm this moment of collective participation and the portraits of the women in line, waiting for aid, with their wicker bags, smiling, together with men and children, waiting their turn. On the placards that some of them hold in their hands, exposing them to the camera in this game of glances, one reads, or rather should read, interpreting the grainy writings of the 8mm frames: 'Best wishes for a happy Easter'.