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11 April1966
Filming Grazia and Piero della Francesca
Giuseppe Lenzi
Original sound

During a trip to Arezzo, Giuseppe films his fiancée Grazia intent on admiring the architectural beauty of the city. This film, shot on 11 April 1966, Easter Monday, and soundtracked by Lenzi himself, with his own voice and music, is exemplary of the intimate and documentary production of a filmmaker attentive to the representation of daily life in what appears to us as a small ancient world. Lenzi's films evoke this suspended, perhaps closed world and the slowness of the Tuscan province that he plumbs with his 8mm camera. He displays remarkable technical and narrative skill. The shots in the chapel of Piero della Francesca's Storie della Santa Croce and other interiors are remarkable, as are the outdoor sequences. The tourist subject of the film, a visit to the city, is ultimately the occasion to portray the young girlfriend and build an altar to the author's personal memory, the true heart of Lenzi's filmography. 'And so this day also remained in us as a sweet memory': these are the words of the commentary at the end of the film. As life goes by, the memory may be more bitter, but the film testifies that it was lived.