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09 April1928
Spring Blooming
Famiglia Agliardi
Music by Mattis Appelquist Dalton. Mix audio Théophile Gagnard

The author of this 16mm film, shot on 9 April 1928, 'In Val Taleggio. Spring in Bloom' is Antonio Pesenti, a 48-year-old entrepreneur, knight of labour, future deputy and senator of the Kingdom. When he films this spring excursion to the Lombardy valley famous for its cheese, in the company of his wife Elena and a friend, together with his driver Primo and a luxury car, he is a big shot of Italian entrepreneurship, being a managing director of Italcementi. He is remembered by his family as 'an exuberant, sociable, generous man, full of life and interests, a passionate hunter, always attracted to modern technology, a faithful frequenter of the Milan Fair, where he punctually bought all the latest novelties, from the kitchen blender to the magnetophone, the first transistor radios and so on. Even the purchase of a movie camera in 1927 was part of this taste for technological novelties.' Precisely at the opening of the Milan Fair on the 28th, three days after this outing, there was the terrible assassination attempt on Victor Emmanuel III in which the king was unharmed but in which twenty people lost their lives.