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07 April1977
School trip to Sardinia
Umberto Savini
Music by Mattis Appelquist Dalton. Mix audio Théophile Gagnard

'Those twelve days' is the title of the film of which we see an excerpt documenting an experience that will remain in the memory of those who lived it and as an exemplary page in the history of Italian schools. A trip to Sardinia by primary school children from the rural province of Bologna accompanied by their parents and school staff was not a simple excursion but an exchange experience at a primary school in Cola Gonone, in the Nuoro area. The exchange is a fundamental element of the growth and educational process. "When, in 1977, I was still a primary school teacher in Ponte Ronca, I took two fourth-grade pupils to Sardinia for twelve days, as guests of the school in Cala Gonone, in what was considered one of the first school exchange trip experiences'. Thus recalls Umberto Savino, promoter of the initiative filmed with filmmaker Claudio Stolfi. In the excerpt we see the incipit of the film: the group's arrival in Sardinia, the discovery of the island's green spring landscape from the coach window and a map marking the route: it is 7 April 1977. It is important to emphasise that a trip like this, which involves pupils from underprivileged families, is financed thanks to the support of the area's social and economic communities with a view to inclusivity: everyone must have the opportunity to participate. Savino, keeping Don Milani's lesson strongly in mind for this and other projects, will soon invite Bruno Cirino, the unforgettable actor from 'Diario di un maestro', to his classroom. For Savino, it is crucial to involve the pupils in all stages of the production and dissemination of these films, which at a distance of time tell us such innovative experiences of the school in the 1970s.