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06 April1967
Famiglia Ranza
Music by Mattis Appelquist Dalton. Mix audio Théophile Gagnard

The origins of the Luna Park can be traced back to the 'eccentric gardens' of the 18th century, but the model - and the name itself - of Luna Park as we have come to know it is the American Coney Island model that dates back to the early 20th century and still exists today. However, the very concept of the amusement park incorporates the local tradition of carnies and travelling attractions, which is different from the permanent amusement parks that came into being after World War II. This premise is of little significance to the Ranza boys and girls who go there for the first time on 6 April 1967. Going to the amusement park in Varese for the children of the time is a very special moment, and there is no America (and no cinema) that holds, it is really another world that you experience physically, on your skin (by the way, the 3D cinema in the amusement park for those who remember it is much better than the one seen in the cinema). Yet it is precisely amateur cinema that helps to keep those moments, experienced by the Ranza and all children growing up in the 20th century, in the memory. Long live the amusement park!