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04 April1956
Rally Race of Cinema
Giuseppe Lenzi
Music by Mattis Appelquist Dalton. Mix audio Théophile Gagnard

The cinema rally is a popular event featuring film, television and show business stars competing in a car race on the roads of Italy. After all, these were the years when the promotion of four-wheel vehicles was at its peak. The third edition of the race takes place on 4 April 1956 with departure from Rome and arrival in Sanremo. Stars such as Sophia Loren (in a Mercedes), Alberto Sordi (driving an Alfa Romeo), Mike Bongiorno, Nilla Pizzi, Rossano Brazzi, Franca Marzi and many other recognisable figures compete. It is interesting to note how television star Mike can now steal the show and stand on a par with the most famous actors and actresses. Cinematographer Giuseppe Lenzi from Siena did not miss the brief stop in the Tuscan city, managing with his 8mm camera to film the protagonists as they sped by in their cars and stopped for a break. Lenzi, however, then lingers over the monuments of Siena to finish the film or simply reaffirm the supremacy of historical vestiges over the ephemeral figures of contemporary entertainment. The national Albertone wins the race after a head-to-head challenge with French actor Pierre Cressoy. What better advert for the car for everyone than the actor who best embodies the vices and virtues of Italians.