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29 March1930
The Eiffel Tower is moving!
Pippo Barzizza
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

A familiar Paris, full of life, and - if not exactly 'au bon marché' - within reach of the camera. For some years now, Pippo Barzizza has been visiting Paris and France to play with his Blue Star orchestra. In the meantime, for professional reasons, the musician had moved from Liguria to Milan, maintaining strong ties across the Alps. The trip at the end of March 1930, to which these images refer, is the occasion to take his daughter Luisita, known as Isa, who was four months old, to the French capital for the first time, as stated on the inscription accompanying the 9.5mm reel. So we see little Isa in the arms of her father and mother Tatina, and the Barzizza family in the streets of the city together with the group of people accompanying them. It must be the paternal pride, the excitement of Paris that suits Pippo's: pulsating with life these moving portraits with the urban backdrop of widely recognisable places (except perhaps the exasperatingly eclectic architecture of the Trocadero palace: built for the 1878 Universal Exhibition, it was soon to be demolished). And Pippo, who has been using a 9.5 mm camera since 1928, seems to be influenced by the cinematic avant-garde when he turns the Eiffel Tower around and shoots the traffic backwards with a simple gesture of the camera. Artistic citation or pure amateur filmmaker's experimental instinct?